Current Favourite SA bloggers

Hey there.  Once in a while, I explore or merely stumble upon blogs I did not know existed and they simply charm me to the point where I have to tell others about them and this post will do exactly that. Whilst Youtube and Instagram can often be used more widely and frequently by influencers,Continue reading “Current Favourite SA bloggers”

Khensani De Klerk’s Matri Archi(tecture)

Hey there! Let’s start the year of with some inspiration from an intriguing and insightful Khensani De Klerk the Founder and Editor of Matri- Archi. Matri- Archi was founded in 2017 and is a blog that aims at providing a space for projecting the voices of marginalized beings (Africans). The content on the blog capturesContinue reading “Khensani De Klerk’s Matri Archi(tecture)”

Tebatso Molapo’s Re Basadi

Founded in 2015 by Tebatso Molapo at the age of 20, this private organization has managed to change and uplift young business women in South Africa. Re Basadi directly translated means ” we are women” and the organization aims to tackle issues faced by women by giving woman a platform to discuss and support eachContinue reading “Tebatso Molapo’s Re Basadi”