5 things you must know about Uber and Taxify.

Uber has become a household name in the major cities of South African and 117 other cities around the world. When you request a cab these days, you merely refer to it as an Uber but Taxify has recently entered the convenient transport app based system as of 2015 in cities like Cape Town and Durban.

These taxi companies have helped people move in and around cities 24/7. The best part of these companies is that they provide entrepreneurship opportunities to people in their cities, reduce accidents caused by drunk and driving as well as provide a safe alternative to public transport systems in cities.

1. Taxify offers one type of service whilst Uber offers services like UberX,UberBlack and UberEats. Many drivers work for both services so if you request a ride from Taxify, you could find yourself in an Uberblack car for a fraction of its price when ordered on Uber.

2. On both apps your first free ride may be obtained if you use a promo code of an already registered user. Uber gives you R50 off your first free ride whilst Taxify gives you R150 off.

Here is my promo code for the newbies on the apps:

Uber– khwezid4ue

Taxify– UK653

3. There is a theory that Taxify is cheaper than Uber. Having tried both apps I can say that this is true but here is break down on both of the company’s pricing models:

these prices are subjected to change*

So yes in essence you could save approximately R50 or more if you use Taxify instead of Uber.

4. Another fun fact is that if you request a ride with Taxify and you suddenly change you mind about taking the ride, you can cancel your request free of charge but on Uber you pay a cancellation fee. However since on Taxify your cancellation fee is free- it is then the driver who has to absorb the costs.

5. Since Taxify is “fairly new” it does not have as many drivers as Uber, especially in Durban, so you could easily wait 10minutes more than if you had requested an Uber which is pretty much everywhere.

There are more similarities between Uber and Taxify than differences so instead of of perceiving them as rivalries, they should be seen as healthy competition therefore having both of the apps on your cellular device helps you decide on the better option for you on that particular day.

Note: whilst both taxi cab companies are safe, it’s often good to send a screen shot of the details of your car and driver to someone just incase of an emergency!

Next time we will look at how to beat the surges when in comes to Uber and Taxify






The scent session part 1

Hello there!

Madame Coco Chanel once said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” So to save you from a doomed future if you don’t wear perfume, let’s try and understand perfumes and fragrances.

The first misconception about perfume is that it is expensive. But to prove you wrong let’s do a little calculation. Many people settle for deodorants they buy from leading pharmacies and cosmetic shops that offer a variety of deodorants that range between R20- R35. If you spend an average of R26 on deodorant in a month and you use it daily ( I wouldn’t assume otherwise) you could buy at least one can a week which would add up to R104 a month. Ultimately, you could spend up to R1 248 in a year, of which an average perfume could cost you the same amount of money and potentially last for a longer time. With all the coughing and choking that you would endure in the morning, when using the deodorant, I don’t think it is worth it.

Now another misconception that people struggle with is the different types of perfumes out there. I have tried to explain it in a very simple manner:

1. Eau De Cologne is a perfume oil which is a mixture of water and alcohol resulting in it being lighter and refreshing,like Body Mists.

2. Eau De Toilette has more perfume oil than the cologne and is mixed with alcohol making it more fragrant and fancy.

3. Eau de Parfum has a higher percentage of perfume oil and is quite strong. Most fragrances can be purchased as EDP or EDT where your EDPs are slightly more expensive due to their fragrance strength.

4. Parfume is a highly concentrated perfume oil and alcohol mixture and is usually packaged in small bottles and it costs more.

Many people I’ve come across find it difficult to identify a scent that resonates with their aura and personality. There is no perfect guideline into choosing the perfect fragrance for you but there are factors to consider before purchasing one like being aware of the season you’re going to use the perfume. For instance Summer fragrances generally have a floral, fruity, citrus smell to them whilst winter fragrances are based heavily on cinnamon and are said to be musky.

People with oily skin generally retain the smell of a fragrance for a longer period since the moisture in their skin absorbs the fragrances more; therefore an EDT perfume would be ideal for oily skin so that your perfume isn’t overpowering . It is also important to first test a perfume, or even take a sample home with you to see if it compliments or irritates you (this is important for sensitive inhalers). Remember you have your natural scent so it’s important to see if a perfume infuses well with your natural smell. The undertones of a perfume also chemically react with your body, so what you smell after you’ve just applied the perfume might smell slightly different 5 minutes or even an hour later.

You must be comfortable with the perfume you buy and allow it compliment you not bother you.

I hope this post has helped you understand a little bit more about perfume and made you realize that the experience of purchasing a perfume is dependent and is dictated by your body and is not easy. However it can also be an extremely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Join us next week in part two where we will discuss more tips and recommendations in scent sessions part 2.



Tebatso Molapo’s Re Basadi

Founded in 2015 by Tebatso Molapo at the age of 20, this private organization has managed to change and uplift young business women in South Africa.

Re Basadi directly translated means ” we are women” and the organization aims to tackle issues faced by women by giving woman a platform to discuss and support each other through various obstacles they face. In the words of the creator, Tebatso Molapo, writing about Re Basadi ” it is an organization aimed to see a sustainable growth in female owned businesses and create a network of young women who support each other and guide each other through their entrepreneurial journey. ”

The organization is involved in several projects like the ” Dress- A- Girl” campaign which aims at providing Matric dance dresses to young girls and ” A-Part- of- Me ” campaign which distributes sanitary towels to women who cannot afford them. Apart from these campaigns, Re Basadi host market days which provide a space for entrepreneurs who are women to exhibit their business initiatives.

Re Basadi’s Instagram and website/blog consists of both encouraging and moving content to both an established and upcoming business women. There are practical and easy tips to adopt from their posts that one can apply to their business so that it can grow. The organization encourages woman between the ages of 18 – 35 to join their movement to share and actively participate in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Here you go. Our first human we admire at AfricanThyme who is changing society with one business and woman at a time.

S/O to Tebatso Molapo for slaying.

Contact details:

Website: http://www.rebasadi.co.za

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/rebasadi





All photos from rebasadi Instagram page.

The first.

Hey there!

As I was brainstorming about this blog and the content I’d like to deliver, the concept of designing clothes to expand the African Thyme brand became the central theme for the fashion segment of the blog. The garments are inspired by trends and classics. All the items included in this post are on sale! Feel free to contact us for more details.

I decided to collaborate with a friend Nelisa Mabaso who was our model. It was a Friday afternoon  in Durban kind of weather so in other words: sunny and humid.

The first piece is a satin, eastern inspired print. The shirt is super light and perfect through out the year.

Color: mostly light green with hints of maroon and other assorted colors.

The second piece is a jumpsuit- a personal favorite. It is that classical stripped suit that every man should own just tailored and transformed into a jumpsuit. It’s a lovely formal look that is best paired with cute heels.

Colour: navy and mustard yellow.

The third piece is the classic chiffon shirt. Enough said.

Colour: orange and black.

Dressed by African Thyme Designs.


Venue: Cafe La Plage, Umhlanga Rocks

Photography: Khwezi Duma

Model: Nelisa Mabaso

A very special thank you to Andiswa Mhlangu for your assistance in this whole process.

Please contact us for prices and queries of the above garments*

Thank you.