Food for thought: Bacon and Mince Balls

Hello there.

Today I have decided to share a (new) all time favorite meat galore bacon & mince balls recipe. I only tried this out once and loved it! I think if you are a meat fan or love a combination of taste and texture then this might be your new love.

Serves: 7- 10 balls

Preparation time: 25-35 minutes 


  1. 500g of Mince
  2. 250g Bacon Strips
  3. One cup of flour (Cake wheat flour )
  4. 2 Large eggs
  5. Spices ( or simply salt and pepper)
  6. Oil ( olive, Sunflower, Coconut etc- anything you like)


So I did not cover the entire mince ball with bacon, simply because it makes it easier to see when the mince is fully cooked. ( it will be a dark brown colour)
  1. Make sure you are working with thoroughly defrosted mince. Coat the surface you are working with lightly with flour and place the mince on top
  2. As you make balls of your preferable size from the mince, coat the mince with flour and spices until the balls are firm – not moist.
  3. whisk eggs and dip mince balls in the egg mixture.
  4. Wrap Bacon strips around mince balls.
  5. Place on a warm pan that in coated 5 teaspoons of oil. Cook until bacon and are a dark brown/golden color. (20-25 minutes).

Hint: Do not make your mince balls too big otherwise, it will be difficult to cook them right into the center of the balls.

I personally love having this with a sweet chilli deep.


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Berry things: smoothies edition


Today The African Thyme Blog is launching the food and drinks section of the blog. Where we will be bringing you recipes that we enjoy and are (of course) easy to make.

Disclaimer: As a full time student, time is always a constraint and therefore anything I post will be super quick and easy.

I decided to post my new favorite beverage: The Berry Smoothie  It is super easy to make ( I am sure you have heard a few people say that). I do prefer to use a hand blender because it is cheaper, easier to operate and is storage friendly.

The Berry flavored smoothies are great health wise because they are an anti-oxidant, are high in fiber and help you digest food easily. I have also found that it brightens up my skin.

Here is the recipe:

estimated preparation time: 5 minutes

serving suggestion for 1 person. (330ml) 


  1. 5 spoons  Frozen Berries ( they are cheaper then fresh ones and last you longer)
  2. 100 ml crushed ice
  3. 3 spoons yogurt ( any flavor, but i love it with vanilla yogurt)
  4. 2 Bananas, sliced
  5.  One tablespoon of honey or sugar ( sometimes berries can be very sour)
  6. 3 Mint leaves


Throw it all into your blender and drink it. Yep. That is it.


Thanks, I hope you love this.



5 Ingredients Body Scrub



  1. one lemon
  2. 1/3 sugar ( brown preferably)
  3. 1/4 Oats
  4. a Dash of cinnamon
  5.  Two full spoons of solidified coconut oil.

This will make your skin feel like a baby. A newborn baby, to be precise.

The oats and sugar compliment each other in terms of texture. Oats are an anti-oxidant that helps repair skin from UV Rays exposure while the sugar is a great exfoliate and removes dead skin.

Try it out and tell me what you think !


Markets & Friends

The I heart market is an eventful experience if you are in Durban, South Africa (my home city). It is predominantly a food and craft market so arrive hungry and be ready to buy cute things. I love the concept of markets because it just brings small businesses and locals together and thus its a vibe: its family orientated yet still hinges on a contemporary feel. I personally love the diversity of the stalls: from vintage clothing to designer clothes as well as art and scented candles. I went with my friends or, as we used to embarrassingly call ourselves: the squadratic formula. It was a name simply derived from the excitement of mathematics (which soon died away).

Our visit to the Market is quite a throwback and not entirely meant for African Thyme Blog but it was the first time I used my camera outside the space of my home so that was quite a milestone for me. While my friends more or less reside in different corners of the world, all but one, perusing different career paths; it is difficult to maintain a bond as strong as the one we had during high school because everyone is always busy and there is simply not much time to talk. I am a bit guilty of only calling when I need something or to wish a happy birthday.

So how does a person maintain a relationship whilst integrating the distance factor?

I was really fighting the temptation to simply say: I don’t know. Well, I do not exactly have the answer to it but attempting simple stuff like Sunday phone calls ( you will even start to realise how quickly the weeks fly by); and scheduled dates for when you are in the same vicinity is what I find works best. Planning is super important and sticking to those plans is even more crucial.

The one factor I appreciate about long distant friendships is the value of physical presence and time. I believe you need the company of people who will treasure you in that way.

Details about the market:


The Market is a great hang out spot especially in the mornings during summer. The market takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 9am – 2pm Moses Mabhida. More details can be found on their website.



IMG_2726_editedIMG_2684_edited 5image edited 2IMG_2692_editedIMG_2701_editedIMG_2697_editedIMG_2737_editedIMG_2689_edited



(this was not a sponsored post and everything is posted is purely the opinion of African Thyme Blog. Some changes might have occurred with Market since these photos were not recently captured

Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar

There is something magical about a birthday: It is another year gone therefore there is more to be grateful for, more knowledge gained and more you will still learn. I had the pleasure to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday at Summit Grill and Skybar in Menlyn, Pretoria.

A bit of a restaurant review (although, that was not the reason of my visit there):

A beautiful space that is excellent for celebrations, almost all the tables were of bookings and people celebrating something. Upstairs is a completely different vibe: it is a bar with louder music, swimming pool and sky views. The two different environments that are separated by a flight of stairs make the place quite interesting and attracts different types of people. The service was horrible (for our table at least) because we did not get our food on time, orders were forgotten and it resulted in us using three different waiters because our original waiter was nowhere to be found. The food is amazing! You might not regret it. Aesthetically it is good, lighting and everything.

Please note: (apparently) If you are under 18 then you are not allowed on the sky bar after 18:00. I say apparently because we know a lot of our friends who have been there in the past who are 18 and this whole rule did not exist.

The company of friends and the purpose of the day was not lost in the midst of our experience at Summit Grill and Sky Bar.

At the end of the day, the smiles and laughter is whats important.