Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar

There is something magical about a birthday: It is another year gone therefore there is more to be grateful for, more knowledge gained and more you will still learn. I had the pleasure to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday at Summit Grill and Skybar in Menlyn, Pretoria. A bit of a restaurant review (although,Continue reading “Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar”

Staying Organized

Hello Considering that it is still the first month of the year, the theme “organization” is still relevant and we can still talk about it in order to make your 2018 more manageable right? I am a very forgetful person therefore being organized is extremely vital for me to get through given tasks. In thisContinue reading “Staying Organized”

5 ways to beat the surges on Uber &Taxify

Hey there! Before you get excited, please note that this blog post will not give you any hacking tips or codes in hopes to obtain free rides. The whole concept of surging prices is calculated using a “dynamic pricing model” and can result in prices of normal rates to increase by 1.1 times or more.Continue reading “5 ways to beat the surges on Uber &Taxify”

5 things you must know about Uber and Taxify.

Uber has become a household name in the major cities of South African and 117 other cities around the world. When you request a cab these days, you merely refer to it as an Uber but Taxify has recently entered the convenient transport app based system as of 2015 in cities like Cape Town andContinue reading “5 things you must know about Uber and Taxify.”