My favorite teas & their health benefits.

  Hey Tea lovers, and others. This post is not only for tea lovers of course but this is a post about teas that I love. I probably have tea 4 times a day ( summer or winter), I know I am not alone, some call it an obsession, well whatever. So here is aContinue reading “My favorite teas & their health benefits.”

Iced Coffee Milkshake

Hello Considering how hot it has been lately (you know, summers in Africa are not a joke) it is becoming quite unbearable to drink hot contents all the time, however for some coffee lovers, not drinking coffee is not an option. This easy quick recipe for iced coffee milkshake that tastes more like a dessertContinue reading “Iced Coffee Milkshake”

Food for thought: Bacon and Mince Balls

Hello there. Today I have decided to share a (new) all time favorite meat galore bacon & mince balls recipe. I only tried this out once and loved it! I think if you are a meat fan or love a combination of taste and texture then this might be your new love. Serves: 7- 10Continue reading “Food for thought: Bacon and Mince Balls”

Berry things: smoothies edition

Hello! Today The African Thyme Blog is launching the food and drinks section of the blog. Where we will be bringing you recipes that we enjoy and are (of course) easy to make. Disclaimer: As a full time student, time is always a constraint and therefore anything I post will be super quick and easy.Continue reading “Berry things: smoothies edition”

Markets & Friends

The I heart market is an eventful experience if you are in Durban, South Africa (my home city). It is predominantly a food and craft market so arrive hungry and be ready to buy cute things. I love the concept of markets because it just brings small businesses and locals together and thus its aContinue reading “Markets & Friends”