Current Favourite SA bloggers

Hey there.  Once in a while, I explore or merely stumble upon blogs I did not know existed and they simply charm me to the point where I have to tell others about them and this post will do exactly that. Whilst Youtube and Instagram can often be used more widely and frequently by influencers,Continue reading “Current Favourite SA bloggers”

What’s in a name?: translation of African Thyme

What’s in the name? Behind the name, African Thyme. Hello, so I have been asked about the reason behind the name of the blog and what’s the significance of it. To be be blatantly honest- it just sounded like a good herbal tea you drink to calm you down or a florist’s corner shop. IContinue reading “What’s in a name?: translation of African Thyme”

Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar

There is something magical about a birthday: It is another year gone therefore there is more to be grateful for, more knowledge gained and more you will still learn. I had the pleasure to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday at Summit Grill and Skybar in Menlyn, Pretoria. A bit of a restaurant review (although,Continue reading “Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar”

The necessary/:Social Media Break.

Often one can feel overwhelmed, a building fear of anxiety and not spending enough time in the real world due to the excessive demands and the consuming nature of the digital world that sometimes, you just need to pause and take a break. And it is okay to do so. I am not a majorContinue reading “The necessary/:Social Media Break.”