The necessary/:Social Media Break.

Often one can feel overwhelmed, a building fear of anxiety and not spending enough time in the real world due to the excessive demands and the consuming nature of the digital world that sometimes, you just need to pause and take a break. And it is okay to do so. I am not a majorContinue reading “The necessary/:Social Media Break.”

44 on Stanley

Hello There Set against the backdrop of Auckland Park Johannesburg, the hide away spot is anything but city life like. It’s a peaceful hide away and a space filled with small businesses and big restaurants. I enjoyed the scenery for great pictures and good food. A blogger’s dream. I didn’t get the chance to takeContinue reading “44 on Stanley”

Quick guideline to picking a restaurant

Hello there Picking the right restaurant is a big deal, it matters for some of us who enjoy good food and a good vibe all in an aesthetically pleasing space but how exactly do you find the right type of place for you? I have tried to compile a few tips to help with theContinue reading “Quick guideline to picking a restaurant”

Review: The Body Shop Products

Hello there! The Body Shop has established itself well into the South African cosmetic space and from my years of experience, I’ve grown to love their products even more. The Body Shop was founded in 1976 in England and aims at making raw materials that are commonly known to be good for the skin, availableContinue reading “Review: The Body Shop Products”

Essential tips for shopping vintage pieces

I am a big fan of vintage clothes ( until you call it second hand clothing or remind me that it could have belonged to a deceased person) purely because it is living nostalgia. People find shopping for vintage clothing quite tricky because it is not like walking into a regular retailer and picking outContinue reading “Essential tips for shopping vintage pieces”