Current Favourite SA bloggers

Hey there. 

Once in a while, I explore or merely stumble upon blogs I did not know existed and they simply charm me to the point where I have to tell others about them and this post will do exactly that. Whilst Youtube and Instagram can often be used more widely and frequently by influencers, we cannot completely shy away from blogs, it is like comparing a kindle to a hard copy book, they are both necessary in their own way. If you are looking for some inspiration for food, fashion, travelling or some lengthy pieces discussing personal and societal issues. These blogs which I discovered not so long ago might help. 


Fashion Breed
by Aqeelah Harron Ally

Why would you not love this blog. Its simply about fashion and words. Blogger Aqeelah describes Fashion breed as her online canvas. Her fashion sense is beautifully articulated through amazing photography and carefully hand picked pieces. It is always a treat visiting her blog.

Screenshot (39)
Laurina Machite
by Laurina Machite 
Screenshot (41)

A fun, personal yet neatly presented blog that works in conjunction with her Youtube channel. She covers content ranging from fashion, beauty ( hair, skin and make-up) as well as lifestyle content ( travel, food and vlogs). Since I am fairly new in following her blog, I am still reading the content that was posted a long time ago and it is still relevant today! Her content is both genuine and amazing.
The Third Citizen
by Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow 
The Third Citizen

I have been following Kenny on Instagram for as long as I have had Instagram but it completely skipped me that she had a blog. On a warm Sunday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had a blog. The blog itself  is minimal,  sophisticated and well balanced. It has a bit of words and a bit of photography, I enjoy that. Most of her content is based on Interior designs, fashion, food, beauty  and essays covering topics close to her heart.  The Third Citizen is a breath of fresh air. 

The Third Citizen



The Truffle Journal
by Melissa Delport

I was just googling the photographer and then I came across her blog. This blog makes me fall in love with food (even more) and cooking.  I just love the focus on healthy food that still looks and tastes good. Look I fell deeply in love with the photos, they are magical and so is the blog.

I know none of these bloggers are new or anything but content that is good must always be admired and shared.

Hope you check them out.


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