My favorite teas & their health benefits.


Hey Tea lovers, and others. This post is not only for tea lovers of course but this is a post about teas that I love. I probably have tea 4 times a day ( summer or winter), I know I am not alone, some call it an obsession, well whatever. So here is a summary of good teas and why I love them.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any brands.

1. (Vanilla) Chai Tea

A great spicy tea (made from Masala) that originated from India.

Health benefits: It is healthy in the sense that it is an anti-oxidant, has Cardomom which helps reduce blood clots and may reduce inflammation.

Ingredients: Made with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardomom and other stuff depending on the manufacturer. The Woolworths vanilla chai tea is bliss. It’s very smooth and smells divine.

Serve with warm milk.


2. English Breakfast tea 

It is a full bodied and strong with strong ceylon influences. I love serving it in a small teacup (we are observing protocol of course) and a dash of milk. Very reviving and keeps you awake a bit although it has half the quantity of caffeine in a one cup serving  compared to coffee.

health benefits: it is anti-oxidant therefore can reduce the risk of contracting infections, some forms of cancer and is good for your heart; it may help with stimulation of good bacteria in your body and can help regulate your metabolism.

3. Earl Grey.

The question is why would you not love it?

Health benefits: potential cancer prevention, oral infections and digestion. Its soothing nature can help with anxiety and stress.

Ingredients (main): it is predominately black tea and has variations relative to a particular brand like citrus flavours.

I do not drink it with milk, no no. I assume that because it is black tea then it should be drunk black and after trying it with milk, it just diluted the flavours.

4. Herbal Teas.

There are a variety of herbal teas like rooibos, mint, chamomile etc. I love playing around with different combinations. If you love fruity smells and a variety of tastes on your pallet then combinations of herbal teas would be best suited for you. A personal favorite is good old lemon and rooibos tea or chamomile and rooibos.

Health benefits: Well this would depend on the specific tea you drink but generally, they help boost your immune system, assist in the digestion of food, reduce stress & anxiety.








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