What’s in a name?: translation of African Thyme

What’s in the name?

Behind the name, African Thyme.
Hello, so I have been asked about the reason behind the name of the blog and what’s the significance of it. To be be blatantly honest- it just sounded like a good herbal tea you drink to calm you down or a florist’s corner shop. I like tea and flowers so I was like, that’s it!
Amongst other weird thoughts about flower shop names, the concept of bringing in the continent I live in: I am an African so I thought it would be fit to bring that in to the picture and Thyme- a herb but mostly it was a play on the word of time.

A more In depth interpretation of the name is that it’s an era of African Renaissance and a time when African voices are central to society because I guess we are realizing how important Africa is. It’s Africa’s time to shine. A glow up period in other words.

This blog started off as merely a hobby and a space to just share anything I felt I wanted to share, no matter how insignificant it was. As I grow the space and I guess aim to become influential ( hahahah) the question of what might I want for people to take away from the blog becomes more pressing.

As I previously stated that the Afrocentric period has begun therefore with that more questions about what does it mean to be African in this day and age and whether we fulfill the hopes and dreams that generations before us fought for? Do we inherently display the ideologies of rooted in African societies like Ubuntu. Upon pondering these questions, most importantly do we have the right solutions and answers to these questions.

In between living our daily lives of making quick and easy recipes, shopping for the prefect pair of boots, reading a novel or simply looking for a good restaurant. These questions of identity within ourselves ( African or not) and identifying ourselves within people is necessary and ultimately that’s the goal, the new one, I would love for this blog to achieve. Engaging with others, learning, seeking to understand this continent, the world, societies and everything in between.

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