Iced Coffee Milkshake


Considering how hot it has been lately (you know, summers in Africa are not a joke) it is becoming quite unbearable to drink hot contents all the time, however for some coffee lovers, not drinking coffee is not an option.

This easy quick recipe for iced coffee milkshake that tastes more like a dessert has become one of my favourite morning drinks for the summer. Bonus, making it yourself saves you money and you can control what you add or do not add.



(this recipe is for one cup, 250-300ml)

  1. ½ cup of crushed ice
  2. 60ml of coffee in boiling water
  3. 4 table spoons of ice cream (any desired flavour)
  4. A dash of cinnamon
  5. Sugar or honey for taste


All the ingriedients before blending.
  1. Add one tablespoon of coffee (filtered) into 60ml of boiling water. Allow to cool.
  2. Add crushed ice, coffee, ice cream, cinnamon and sugar (or honey) into your blending cup blender and mix until all the contents is blended to your desired texture. to  Done!

There are other variations and additions that can be made to this drink. I just did a super basic drink to allow room for creativity and experiments.

Types of Variations:

  1. Add Cocoa for a chocolate flavour
  2. Add Banana
  3. Add nuts (almonds are often the best)
  4. Or just add different flavoured ice creams and make a cocktail versions.IMG_3310_edited

Thank you.

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