Food for thought: Bacon and Mince Balls

Hello there.

Today I have decided to share a (new) all time favorite meat galore bacon & mince balls recipe. I only tried this out once and loved it! I think if you are a meat fan or love a combination of taste and texture then this might be your new love.

Serves: 7- 10 balls

Preparation time: 25-35 minutes 


  1. 500g of Mince
  2. 250g Bacon Strips
  3. One cup of flour (Cake wheat flour )
  4. 2 Large eggs
  5. Spices ( or simply salt and pepper)
  6. Oil ( olive, Sunflower, Coconut etc- anything you like)


So I did not cover the entire mince ball with bacon, simply because it makes it easier to see when the mince is fully cooked. ( it will be a dark brown colour)
  1. Make sure you are working with thoroughly defrosted mince. Coat the surface you are working with lightly with flour and place the mince on top
  2. As you make balls of your preferable size from the mince, coat the mince with flour and spices until the balls are firm – not moist.
  3. whisk eggs and dip mince balls in the egg mixture.
  4. Wrap Bacon strips around mince balls.
  5. Place on a warm pan that in coated 5 teaspoons of oil. Cook until bacon and are a dark brown/golden color. (20-25 minutes).

Hint: Do not make your mince balls too big otherwise, it will be difficult to cook them right into the center of the balls.

I personally love having this with a sweet chilli deep.


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