Berry things: smoothies edition


Today The African Thyme Blog is launching the food and drinks section of the blog. Where we will be bringing you recipes that we enjoy and are (of course) easy to make.

Disclaimer: As a full time student, time is always a constraint and therefore anything I post will be super quick and easy.

I decided to post my new favorite beverage: The Berry Smoothie  It is super easy to make ( I am sure you have heard a few people say that). I do prefer to use a hand blender because it is cheaper, easier to operate and is storage friendly.

The Berry flavored smoothies are great health wise because they are an anti-oxidant, are high in fiber and help you digest food easily. I have also found that it brightens up my skin.

Here is the recipe:

estimated preparation time: 5 minutes

serving suggestion for 1 person. (330ml) 


  1. 5 spoons  Frozen Berries ( they are cheaper then fresh ones and last you longer)
  2. 100 ml crushed ice
  3. 3 spoons yogurt ( any flavor, but i love it with vanilla yogurt)
  4. 2 Bananas, sliced
  5.  One tablespoon of honey or sugar ( sometimes berries can be very sour)
  6. 3 Mint leaves


Throw it all into your blender and drink it. Yep. That is it.


Thanks, I hope you love this.



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