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The I heart market is an eventful experience if you are in Durban, South Africa (my home city). It is predominantly a food and craft market so arrive hungry and be ready to buy cute things. I love the concept of markets because it just brings small businesses and locals together and thus its a vibe: its family orientated yet still hinges on a contemporary feel. I personally love the diversity of the stalls: from vintage clothing to designer clothes as well as art and scented candles. I went with my friends or, as we used to embarrassingly call ourselves: the squadratic formula. It was a name simply derived from the excitement of mathematics (which soon died away).

Our visit to the Market is quite a throwback and not entirely meant for African Thyme Blog but it was the first time I used my camera outside the space of my home so that was quite a milestone for me. While my friends more or less reside in different corners of the world, all but one, perusing different career paths; it is difficult to maintain a bond as strong as the one we had during high school because everyone is always busy and there is simply not much time to talk. I am a bit guilty of only calling when I need something or to wish a happy birthday.

So how does a person maintain a relationship whilst integrating the distance factor?

I was really fighting the temptation to simply say: I don’t know. Well, I do not exactly have the answer to it but attempting simple stuff like Sunday phone calls ( you will even start to realise how quickly the weeks fly by); and scheduled dates for when you are in the same vicinity is what I find works best. Planning is super important and sticking to those plans is even more crucial.

The one factor I appreciate about long distant friendships is the value of physical presence and time. I believe you need the company of people who will treasure you in that way.

Details about the market:


The Market is a great hang out spot especially in the mornings during summer. The market takes place on the first Saturday of every month from 9am – 2pm Moses Mabhida. More details can be found on their website.



IMG_2726_editedIMG_2684_edited 5image edited 2IMG_2692_editedIMG_2701_editedIMG_2697_editedIMG_2737_editedIMG_2689_edited



(this was not a sponsored post and everything is posted is purely the opinion of African Thyme Blog. Some changes might have occurred with Market since these photos were not recently captured

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