Celebrations: A Birthday at The Summit Skybar

There is something magical about a birthday: It is another year gone therefore there is more to be grateful for, more knowledge gained and more you will still learn. I had the pleasure to celebrate a friend’s birthday on Saturday at Summit Grill and Skybar in Menlyn, Pretoria.

A bit of a restaurant review (although, that was not the reason of my visit there):

A beautiful space that is excellent for celebrations, almost all the tables were of bookings and people celebrating something. Upstairs is a completely different vibe: it is a bar with louder music, swimming pool and sky views. The two different environments that are separated by a flight of stairs make the place quite interesting and attracts different types of people. The service was horrible (for our table at least) because we did not get our food on time, orders were forgotten and it resulted in us using three different waiters because our original waiter was nowhere to be found. The food is amazing! You might not regret it. Aesthetically it is good, lighting and everything.

Please note: (apparently) If you are under 18 then you are not allowed on the sky bar after 18:00. I say apparently because we know a lot of our friends who have been there in the past who are 18 and this whole rule did not exist.

The company of friends and the purpose of the day was not lost in the midst of our experience at Summit Grill and Sky Bar.

At the end of the day, the smiles and laughter is whats important.



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