The necessary/:Social Media Break.

Often one can feel overwhelmed, a building fear of anxiety and not spending enough time in the real world due to the excessive demands and the consuming nature of the digital world that sometimes, you just need to pause and take a break. And it is okay to do so.

I am not a major social media fan, I mostly use it for my blog and even that fails at times therefore apps come and go on my phone and if Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook are absent, I do not exactly feel a void in my daily life, however I have friends with a different narrative to mine and over hearing and observing their experiences with the social media break activity, I have decided to share this post to help others understand and identify with this much needed activity.

Why do people do it?

Most people just try it out to focus on themselves (spiritual, emotional stuff) or spend more time with family and friends. It can be temporary or permanent. It is a subjective and personal decision to take but the underlying factors is being more real and less digital.

There is no defining concept, rules or guidelines as to how to take a break from social media because it is something you do on your own terms. If you want to take a break from one platform- then do it, if it is from all or just to minimize the time you spend on each then let it be. Whatever you choose is subjective, but you must just stick to it.

Often what works is to replace/dedicate the time you spent on social media on a new hobby or activity you have neglected. This helps steer your mind away from the temptation to go on social networking sites (even though the app is uninstalled;the website is still in reach). Engaging in other activities helps fill full the purpose and gain another perspective over your life or strengthen bonds with friends and family.

Without stating that social media is a beautiful creation that is advantageous in so many ways depending on how you use it but too much of anything is never good. Whenever you feel you have forgotten what a face to face conversation is like or the feeling of not being connected to WIFI is like. Take a break, it could be for a month, a day or just an hour and try something without using your gadget.

I dare you to.


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