44 on Stanley

Hello There

Set against the backdrop of Auckland Park Johannesburg, the hide away spot is anything but city life like. It’s a peaceful hide away and a space filled with small businesses and big restaurants. I enjoyed the scenery for great pictures and good food. A blogger’s dream. I didn’t get the chance to take all the pictures that i had hoped to shoot because the security guard said we must speak to the managers about taking pictures on Monday.( and I visited on a Sunday, sooo) Out of respect for his job I stopped because I was being watched, in my mind however, I was confused because I did not spot a “no picture sign” neither did any one working around there say anything nor is it a bad thing to take pictures of places you go to (I hope) never the less. It is a fun spot for anyone who wants to shop or eat or both


IMG_1970_editedIMG_1964_editedIMG_1968_editedIMG_2018_editedIMG_2002_editedIMG_2019_edited_editedIMG_2032_editedIMG_2037_edited but dont wantIMG_2046_editedIMG_2039_edited


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