Quick guideline to picking a restaurant

Hello there

Picking the right restaurant is a big deal, it matters for some of us who enjoy good food and a good vibe all in an aesthetically pleasing space but how exactly do you find the right type of place for you?

I have tried to compile a few tips to help with the choosing and eliminating process so things are easier when finding the right place to brunch, lunch or dine at.

1. Pick a location

Locations help filter your search for restaurants in an area because if you search ” restaurants in Cape Town ” then that might take you hours to go through but if you are more specific and search ” restaurants in Camps Bay” then that might be easier. Also remember that locations dictate the type ( how fancy) and therefore the price of restaurants so also know your budget.

2. After picking a location, have an idea of the type of ambience ( vibe) you are interested in or the type of food. Obviously a vibe is something you experience when physically at a place but websites ( which is no. 3) often describe vibes pretty well.

Tasha’s, Menlyn Maine|Pretoria

3. Websites and people’s reviews are good sources of gaining more of what to expect at a restaurant. Websites like eat-out ( my favorite) or magazines give descriptions of nitty- gritties ( like payment options) to recommendations of what to try out on the menu. Most restaurants have their own menus online as well and this helps work out the prices and the type of food they serve.

The restaurant dictionary of RSA I think

4. Instagram is a great tool to use especially if a restaurant doesn’t have a menu. I love using Instagram to look at more photos of the restaurant ( this is to judge  if it is aesthetically  pleasing of course) and to get an idea of portions.

The Green Craft Bar, Glenvista|JHB

A lot of research occurs prior to picking a restaurant because good food is an investment.

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