Review: The Body Shop Products

Hello there!

The Body Shop has established itself well into the South African cosmetic space and from my years of experience, I’ve grown to love their products even more. The Body Shop was founded in 1976 in England and aims at making raw materials that are commonly known to be good for the skin, available to the market.

There is an abundant number of products that are available at the Body Shop so one might feel overwhelmed to chose the right one for themselves. My advice is to look for what you need ( scrub, body lotion etc)and then look for which range ( grouped by their natural ingredients i.e. Tee tree, chamomile, aloe etc) you are most comfortable with.

The latest products that I bought is what I have decided to review today because it’s the first time that I’m trying them out

1. Tea Tree Toner ( 250ml for R100)

I was immediately drawn to the product because of the Tea Tree ingredient which assists in clearing the skin, acne and allergic skin reactions. When I first tried the toner, I must admit, I felt a burning sensation on my skin for the first few minutes thereafter I felt my pores breathing for the first time in a while and my skin tighten. The witch hazel ingredient which is used to cleanse the skin and remove make- up really left my skin feeling clean. I usually use it three times a week at night time. The product is absolutely divine and keeps my skin breathing.

2. Vitamin E Moisture-Protective Emulsion( 50ml for R220)

This little baby might seem small but it is quite tough. The Vitamin E is helpful in removing dark spots, locks in moisture and keeps the skin’s elasticity and therefore prevents the formation of wrinkles. The face cream is quite thick so if you have dry skin, this is quite helpful and you can apply very little onto your skin and still obtain maximum results. It is perfect as a day cream due to its Ultraviolet Light Absorbing ingredients topped with SPF 30 which leaves the skin protected thoroughly from the sun.

3. Moringa Body Mist ( 100ml for R150)

I have touched on what a Body Mist is on my previous post on Scent Sessions. I bought the Body Mist because I needed something light and semi-sweet for everyday use. It’s a lovely Body Mist that is quite strong yet not overwhelming. I find it more suitable for summer due to its sweetness. There are also other Body mists from the other ranges like Vanilla and Fig.

I am extremely happy with the products that I bought from the Body Shop which are also available in Selected Clicks Stores. They are quality products at reasonable prices.

Tell me what you think by commenting below, thanks.


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