Essential tips for shopping vintage pieces

I am a big fan of vintage clothes ( until you call it second hand clothing or remind me that it could have belonged to a deceased person) purely because it is living nostalgia.

People find shopping for vintage clothing quite tricky because it is not like walking into a regular retailer and picking out clothes that are sorted out in an organized manner making things more easier to locate. Thrifts are rather more adventurous

This is an item I bought from Essential Vintaj, Maboneng

A few tips tips from my side is to pick thrifts that best suite your style and personality: I prefer local markets and precincts thrifts because they often have clothing that mimic modern trends but are still authentically old. Clothes from these places are clean and in good condition.

Another tip is to know what you are looking for before going shopping. There are often too many clothes to sift through and time is money. Have a purpose or something in mind so that it makes life easier and at least while looking for something specific, you can stumble upon other things ( and end up not even buying what you intended to).

Online shopping is also quite fun and there are many sites that cater to the vintage lovers:

Vintage lover

Guard the vintage

Lucky Pony

( and so many more, these are the ones I regularly keep tabs on)

Instagram influences also help as a source of inspiration when you are looking for something new and cute, here are some accounts I follow too.


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