Staying Organized


Considering that it is still the first month of the year, the theme “organization” is still relevant and we can still talk about it in order to make your 2018 more manageable right?

I am a very forgetful person therefore being organized is extremely vital for me to get through given tasks. In this post I will be sharing various tips( that you may already use/ know) that I have applied to make myself more organized . Since we are all different, certain techniques will work like magic for others and not so well for the other half. I advice you to keep yourself in mind as well as kind of person that you are so that you can chose the ideal method for you.

1. Mindset

The only thing that makes you disorganized is your brain. Being organized means you are in control of your environment therefore your mindset is extremely important and the root to helping you become organized. If you tell your self that you are organized, then most likely you will be fine. You can live in chaos and be able locate everything you need so technically you are organized- this is known as organized chaos.

2. Resources

Having the correct tools available to you can help a great deal with being organized. There are various mediums and items to use to assist in organizing your work and life like the following:

2.1 Calendars. They are my favorite because I get a holistic view of what is happening in my day/ week/ month therefore I never double book myself and I know which days I am free and busy. However, they don’t give you a detailed overview of your day i.e. Appointments and their specific times. I printed this beautiful free calendar from Shining Mom Blog 2.2 Your Phone Your phone is a great tool to use for keeping track of what to do and where it must be done etc. you can download applications from your AppStore like Production Habit Tracker or 24me Smart Personal Assistant ( which won the best Personal Assistant App in 2017). 2.4 A tiny note book This has worked extremely well for me. I love it because I can carry it every where with me and jot down various things like grocery lists and blog ideas that I think about during the day. However it is important to not get things juggled up so color co-ordination is essential when using the little note book method.

3. Develop a Routine

At night before you sleep, check your planner to see if relevant tasks are completed, the priority list being the priority. In the morning also remember to carry your planner with you otherwise it becomes useless.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

Not in the context to your safety but rather making sure that little details are remembered like the date because if you forget it, it causes unnecessary confusion and disorder in your life. During the busiest moments of the year, write down everything that needs to be remembered;the brain cannot be trusted during stressful and anxious times. I hope you found this helpful. Please comment below to share your organizational tips that could help another person and me.

Thank you.

One thought on “Staying Organized

  1. Concise and straight to the point article…… I like the whole month overview calendar. Then I keep a small notebook for details.


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