Khensani De Klerk’s Matri Archi(tecture)

Hey there!

Let’s start the year of with some inspiration from an intriguing and insightful Khensani De Klerk the Founder and Editor of Matri- Archi.

Matri- Archi was founded in 2017 and is a blog that aims at providing a space for projecting the voices of marginalized beings (Africans). The content on the blog captures and places one into context about the realities that we are faced with as African people. Matri- Archi also aims at contributing to African Consciousness in the evidently Colonized Africa.

Using Architectural design and writing for socio-spatial Justice and the realization of intersectional space – Khensani De Klerk

In conjunction to Khensani De Klerk’s blog is her own Instagram that integrates the complex nature of Architecture and Town Planning, of which she studied at the University of Cape Town, with socio- economic, historical and political situations. It is the perfect blend of art, science and politics.

Khensani De Klerk entered a field that is predominantly dominated by white males in South Africa but has managed to still remain rooted to being African and actively embracing her Afro- feminine identity. She is currently studying in Zurich, Switzerland and taking the status of Black Woman in Architecture to new heights.

S/o to Khensani De Klerk for breaking barriers;educating and representing the highly populated marginalized and voiceless people of Africa.


All images from Instagram

Building Up: 6 Women Shaping South Africa’s Architecture Industry

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