5 ways to beat the surges on Uber &Taxify

Hey there!

Before you get excited, please note that this blog post will not give you any hacking tips or codes in hopes to obtain free rides.

The whole concept of surging prices is calculated using a “dynamic pricing model” and can result in prices of normal rates to increase by 1.1 times or more. These surges are caused by high demand of taxi requests and so the prices increase as an incentive for more drivers to enter the radar to meet the increasing demand. A woman from Cape Town had to pay R2 800 for a 32km ride due to the high demand therefore to avoid these financially inconvenient situations, here are some tips to help beat the surge:

1. It’s often better to move away from highly congested areas/ traffic zones especially if you are leaving an event because you pay more money if you and your ride are stuck in traffic.

2. Surges exist on both Taxify and Uber so it is advised to have both apps on your phone so you can compare prices.

3. If a parent or a sibling does not have Taxify or Uber, on a busy night when prices are super high, then it would be a good time to call them and ask to download Uber and/or Taxify. They can request a ride for you. Remember on Uber you get R50 off you first ride by using a promo code( khwezid4ue) and on Taxify you get R15O using a promo code( UK653)

4. If you are with company , it’s often better to leave a place together so you can split the bill and move to a low demand area which may have lower prices.

5. It’s also smart to starts looking at the estimated prices on the relevant apps an hour before you leave because we all know the story: one minute it’s R100 next minute it is R170. As much as this method is a form of gambling but observing prices changes can save you a bit of money.


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