5 things you must know about Uber and Taxify.

Uber has become a household name in the major cities of South African and 117 other cities around the world. When you request a cab these days, you merely refer to it as an Uber but Taxify has recently entered the convenient transport app based system as of 2015 in cities like Cape Town and Durban.

These taxi companies have helped people move in and around cities 24/7. The best part of these companies is that they provide entrepreneurship opportunities to people in their cities, reduce accidents caused by drunk and driving as well as provide a safe alternative to public transport systems in cities.

1. Taxify offers one type of service whilst Uber offers services like UberX,UberBlack and UberEats. Many drivers work for both services so if you request a ride from Taxify, you could find yourself in an Uberblack car for a fraction of its price when ordered on Uber.

2. On both apps your first free ride may be obtained if you use a promo code of an already registered user. Uber gives you R50 off your first free ride whilst Taxify gives you R150 off.

Here is my promo code for the newbies on the apps:

Uber– khwezid4ue

Taxify– UK653

3. There is a theory that Taxify is cheaper than Uber. Having tried both apps I can say that this is true but here is break down on both of the company’s pricing models:

these prices are subjected to change*

So yes in essence you could save approximately R50 or more if you use Taxify instead of Uber.

4. Another fun fact is that if you request a ride with Taxify and you suddenly change you mind about taking the ride, you can cancel your request free of charge but on Uber you pay a cancellation fee. However since on Taxify your cancellation fee is free- it is then the driver who has to absorb the costs.

5. Since Taxify is “fairly new” it does not have as many drivers as Uber, especially in Durban, so you could easily wait 10minutes more than if you had requested an Uber which is pretty much everywhere.

There are more similarities between Uber and Taxify than differences so instead of of perceiving them as rivalries, they should be seen as healthy competition therefore having both of the apps on your cellular device helps you decide on the better option for you on that particular day.

Note: whilst both taxi cab companies are safe, it’s often good to send a screen shot of the details of your car and driver to someone just incase of an emergency!

Next time we will look at how to beat the surges when in comes to Uber and Taxify






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