Dear You

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I am eternally thankful that you have allowed African Thyme into your 2019. There is a deep obligation for me to share some motivational words for the year ahead of us so here it goes:

This year you owe it to your dreams-they must become a reality. You owe it your family and friends you must continue to love them. You owe it to time don’t waste it. You owe to Life, live it and freedom allows you to choose how. Finally you owe it to yourself to be gentle and kind yet firm and strong. Through the good and bad times this year, remember to always care for yourself and pause to to catch a breath if you pace is to fast, but do not stop running.

In any case, you run at your own speed and live life at your terms.

May this year allow each and everyone of you to plant a seed filled with light and love and may that radiate on to every aspect of your life. Work hard, invest in your vision and fulfill your purpose on life.

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Current Favourite SA bloggers

Hey there. 

Once in a while, I explore or merely stumble upon blogs I did not know existed and they simply charm me to the point where I have to tell others about them and this post will do exactly that. Whilst Youtube and Instagram can often be used more widely and frequently by influencers, we cannot completely shy away from blogs, it is like comparing a kindle to a hard copy book, they are both necessary in their own way. If you are looking for some inspiration for food, fashion, travelling or some lengthy pieces discussing personal and societal issues. These blogs which I discovered not so long ago might help. 


Fashion Breed
by Aqeelah Harron Ally

Why would you not love this blog. Its simply about fashion and words. Blogger Aqeelah describes Fashion breed as her online canvas. Her fashion sense is beautifully articulated through amazing photography and carefully hand picked pieces. It is always a treat visiting her blog.

Screenshot (39)
Laurina Machite
by Laurina Machite 
Screenshot (41)

A fun, personal yet neatly presented blog that works in conjunction with her Youtube channel. She covers content ranging from fashion, beauty ( hair, skin and make-up) as well as lifestyle content ( travel, food and vlogs). Since I am fairly new in following her blog, I am still reading the content that was posted a long time ago and it is still relevant today! Her content is both genuine and amazing.
The Third Citizen
by Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow 
The Third Citizen

I have been following Kenny on Instagram for as long as I have had Instagram but it completely skipped me that she had a blog. On a warm Sunday afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to see that she had a blog. The blog itself  is minimal,  sophisticated and well balanced. It has a bit of words and a bit of photography, I enjoy that. Most of her content is based on Interior designs, fashion, food, beauty  and essays covering topics close to her heart.  The Third Citizen is a breath of fresh air. 

The Third Citizen



The Truffle Journal
by Melissa Delport

I was just googling the photographer and then I came across her blog. This blog makes me fall in love with food (even more) and cooking.  I just love the focus on healthy food that still looks and tastes good. Look I fell deeply in love with the photos, they are magical and so is the blog.

I know none of these bloggers are new or anything but content that is good must always be admired and shared.

Hope you check them out.


My favorite teas & their health benefits.


Hey Tea lovers, and others. This post is not only for tea lovers of course but this is a post about teas that I love. I probably have tea 4 times a day ( summer or winter), I know I am not alone, some call it an obsession, well whatever. So here is a summary of good teas and why I love them.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any brands.

1. (Vanilla) Chai Tea

A great spicy tea (made from Masala) that originated from India.

Health benefits: It is healthy in the sense that it is an anti-oxidant, has Cardomom which helps reduce blood clots and may reduce inflammation.

Ingredients: Made with black tea, cinnamon, ginger, cardomom and other stuff depending on the manufacturer. The Woolworths vanilla chai tea is bliss. It’s very smooth and smells divine.

Serve with warm milk.


2. English Breakfast tea 

It is a full bodied and strong with strong ceylon influences. I love serving it in a small teacup (we are observing protocol of course) and a dash of milk. Very reviving and keeps you awake a bit although it has half the quantity of caffeine in a one cup serving  compared to coffee.

health benefits: it is anti-oxidant therefore can reduce the risk of contracting infections, some forms of cancer and is good for your heart; it may help with stimulation of good bacteria in your body and can help regulate your metabolism.

3. Earl Grey.

The question is why would you not love it?

Health benefits: potential cancer prevention, oral infections and digestion. Its soothing nature can help with anxiety and stress.

Ingredients (main): it is predominately black tea and has variations relative to a particular brand like citrus flavours.

I do not drink it with milk, no no. I assume that because it is black tea then it should be drunk black and after trying it with milk, it just diluted the flavours.

4. Herbal Teas.

There are a variety of herbal teas like rooibos, mint, chamomile etc. I love playing around with different combinations. If you love fruity smells and a variety of tastes on your pallet then combinations of herbal teas would be best suited for you. A personal favorite is good old lemon and rooibos tea or chamomile and rooibos.

Health benefits: Well this would depend on the specific tea you drink but generally, they help boost your immune system, assist in the digestion of food, reduce stress & anxiety.








What’s in a name?: translation of African Thyme

What’s in the name?

Behind the name, African Thyme.
Hello, so I have been asked about the reason behind the name of the blog and what’s the significance of it. To be be blatantly honest- it just sounded like a good herbal tea you drink to calm you down or a florist’s corner shop. I like tea and flowers so I was like, that’s it!
Amongst other weird thoughts about flower shop names, the concept of bringing in the continent I live in: I am an African so I thought it would be fit to bring that in to the picture and Thyme- a herb but mostly it was a play on the word of time.

A more In depth interpretation of the name is that it’s an era of African Renaissance and a time when African voices are central to society because I guess we are realizing how important Africa is. It’s Africa’s time to shine. A glow up period in other words.

This blog started off as merely a hobby and a space to just share anything I felt I wanted to share, no matter how insignificant it was. As I grow the space and I guess aim to become influential ( hahahah) the question of what might I want for people to take away from the blog becomes more pressing.

As I previously stated that the Afrocentric period has begun therefore with that more questions about what does it mean to be African in this day and age and whether we fulfill the hopes and dreams that generations before us fought for? Do we inherently display the ideologies of rooted in African societies like Ubuntu. Upon pondering these questions, most importantly do we have the right solutions and answers to these questions.

In between living our daily lives of making quick and easy recipes, shopping for the prefect pair of boots, reading a novel or simply looking for a good restaurant. These questions of identity within ourselves ( African or not) and identifying ourselves within people is necessary and ultimately that’s the goal, the new one, I would love for this blog to achieve. Engaging with others, learning, seeking to understand this continent, the world, societies and everything in between.

Iced Coffee Milkshake


Considering how hot it has been lately (you know, summers in Africa are not a joke) it is becoming quite unbearable to drink hot contents all the time, however for some coffee lovers, not drinking coffee is not an option.

This easy quick recipe for iced coffee milkshake that tastes more like a dessert has become one of my favourite morning drinks for the summer. Bonus, making it yourself saves you money and you can control what you add or do not add.



(this recipe is for one cup, 250-300ml)

  1. ½ cup of crushed ice
  2. 60ml of coffee in boiling water
  3. 4 table spoons of ice cream (any desired flavour)
  4. A dash of cinnamon
  5. Sugar or honey for taste


All the ingriedients before blending.

  1. Add one tablespoon of coffee (filtered) into 60ml of boiling water. Allow to cool.
  2. Add crushed ice, coffee, ice cream, cinnamon and sugar (or honey) into your blending cup blender and mix until all the contents is blended to your desired texture. to  Done!

There are other variations and additions that can be made to this drink. I just did a super basic drink to allow room for creativity and experiments.

Types of Variations:

  1. Add Cocoa for a chocolate flavour
  2. Add Banana
  3. Add nuts (almonds are often the best)
  4. Or just add different flavoured ice creams and make a cocktail versions.IMG_3310_edited

Thank you.